Embassy of Pakistan, Paris attests and legalises a variety of documents. Requirements for attestation and legalisation of these documents are given bellow:

Family Book (Livret de Famille)

  • Duly filled Family Book form to be filled. (This could be downloaded from this website. It can also be obtained from the Consular staff at the Embassy).
  • Original marriage registration certificate or Nikah Nama.
  • Original Passports or original Birth Certificates of Husband and Wife (In case husband or wife is in Pakistan, then his/her birth certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan will be required).
  • For children born in Pakistan, their original passports or original birth certificates attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan are required.
  • In case of children born in France, their Birth Certificate(s) issued by local Mairie will be required.

Attestation of Power of Attorney

  • The presence of Executant(s) before the Consular Officer is mandatory.
  • 2 photographs of the executant(s).
  • Original or photocopy of CNIC or Pakistani Passport of the executant(s).
  • CNIC copies of the two witnesses.
  • 01 Copy of Power of Attorney.

Extract d’act de naissance, Coutume Certificate.

  • Original Passport or National Identity Card of Pakistan.
  • After verification of one of the above documents, the birth certificate will be issued on the same day.

Concordance sur la meme personne & Concordance Nom / Prenom (First/Family Name Certificate) etc.

  • Original Pakistani Passport.

Other Documents Issued from Pakistan

  • All documents issued from Pakistan like any NOC, Birth Certificate, Educational Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Character Certificate etc. are attested by the Embassy provided they are first attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad or by one of the camp offices in Lahore, Karachi, Quetta or Peshawar. Original copies of all the above documents are required for attestation.

Documents Issued from France

  • All documents issued from France required to be attested by the Embassy must first be attested / notarized by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Fee Structure (Euros)

  • For attestation of all the above mentioned documents, a fee of Euro 12.00 is charged.