Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) are issued in conformity with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. Ever since the installation of Machine Readable Passport (MRP) facility at the Embassy of Pakistan, Paris, issuance of manual passports has been phased out.

MRP office operates on the principle l of live data capturing so applicants’ presence (with required documents) is compulsory to process the application. Applicants’ data entry, photo, signature and thumb impression capturing are done by MRP staff using IT technology. Applicants DO NOT need any application forms or photographs for MRP applications as it is done by MRP staff during application process.

(1.1) General Procedure and Conditions for renewal of Passport

In Case of First and Second Time Loss of Passport

In Case of Children being Minor i.e of age less than 18 years Born in France

In Case of First Time MRP Application

Passport Policy for Minor (below 18) Born in Pakistan

The government has recently revised the passport policy for minors, please note the following requirements for Passport:-

  • Pakistani CNIC can be obtained online (Click here)
  • Authority letter by parents duly attested by Ministry of         
          Foreign Affairs.
  • Photocopy of Birth certificate
  • Photocopy of mother & father CNIC card
  • Original Frech identity card or Residence card or Domicile certificate of France and their photocopies.
  • In case of Dual Nationality, original French passport and photocopy


  • For first time applicants, an inquiry is sent to Pakistan to
         verify their antecedents.
  • The inquiry form can be downloaded (click here) and must          be sent back duly filled along with two passport size photos
          and copy of CNIC at the following E-mail address

  • Once the inquiry report is positively received, the applicant
          would be called at the given number to visit Embassy for
          passport processing.  

Important note for Duplicate Passport / ID card holders

For Passport Collection, applicant are requested to bring

Type of the PassportCategory of the Passport5 Years Validity
10 Years Validity

36 Pages Passport

1st Lost Passport (Ordinary)72€108€
1st Lost Passport (Urgent)132€198€
2nd Lost Passport (Ordinary)144€216€
2nd Lost Passport (Urgent)264€396€

72 Pages Passport

1st Lost Passport (Ordinary)144€216€
1st Lost Passport (Urgent)192€288€
2nd Lost Passport (Ordinary)288€432€
2nd Lost Passport (Urgent)384€576€

100 Pages Passport

1st Lost Passport (Ordinary)168€252€
1st Lost Passport (Urgent)336€504€
2nd Lost Passport (Ordinary)336€504€
2nd Lost Passport (Urgent)672€1008€