The Ambassador of Pakistan to France Mr. Ghalib Iqbal has said that the people and Armed Forces of Pakistan are fully capable of defending their country against any aggression. He was speaking at the 50th Defence Day of Pakistan to commemorate the victory of Pakistan against India in 1965 War. He said that the people and Armed Forces of Pakistan have proved that they are invincible and that no external or internal power can inflict any harm upon it. He further said that today, in the same spirit, our Armed Forces backed by the people, are engaged in a war against terrorism which is dangerous and deceptive, but with courage, determination and unity we have broken the back-bone of the terrorists.

The ceremony was held in a simple but dignified manner here in the Embassy of Pakistan this evening. Floral wreaths were laid ceremoniously to commemorate the martyrs of 1965 war, war on terror and French Wars of Liberty, separately. French General d’Armee Burno Dary, General de Division Stephane OVAERE and Air Marshal Muhammad Salman laid wreaths. The National Anthems of both the countries were played. The Ambassador, French Army representatives and Defence officers of the Mission cut the cake to mark the beginning of the ceremony. Army and Naval Attache Captain Rashid Mehmood read out a special message from President of Pakistan for the occasion, while Technical Attache, Group Captain Amir Bashir read out the message of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Defence Attache, Air Commodore Fauad Hatmi also spoke on the occasion. He said that war against terrorism is today’s War and we are fighting it and we will fight with the same resolve which we demonstrated throughout our entire history.
The day commemorates the sacrifices offered by the people and Armed Forces of Pakistan against Indian aggression in 1965. It symbolises the courage of the people of Pakistan expressed in their fight against cowardly aggression of our Eastern neighbour. It stands for professional excellence of our Armed Forces exhibited during seventeen days war, which was imposed on us by a hostile enemy. The day reminds us of our responsibilities as a Nation towards not only the defense but prosperity of our people and the country.
Apart from French Secretary Defense and National Secretary M. Louis Gautier, the officers and staff of the Embassy, diplomats and Defence Attaches of different friendly countries based in Paris, French War veterans, intellectuals, journalists and members of Pakistani community attended.