[quote style=”1″]Pakistani Artists living abroad has a unique angle and approach towards Arts [/quote]

Embassy of Pakistan, Paris arranged an exhibition of renowned Canadian-Pakistani artist Fahim Hamid Ali here this evening. Speaking on the occasion, the Ambassador of Pakistan to France H.E Mr. Ghalib Iqbal said that he had observed as a Diplomat working in different countries that Pakistani artists living abroad had a unique angle and approach towards arts. He paid glowing tributes to the canvas and variety of the subjects that the artist had dealt with. He said that where-ever Faheem’s art goes, the name of Pakistan travels with him. Mr. Fahim himself spoke about his inspirations, his journey towards perfection, the subjects he dealt with and his future plans. The Ambassador of Sri Lanka in France H.E. MR. Tilak Ranaviraja, who himself is a painter, attended the exhibition as special guest. He also spoke on the occasion. He appreciated the work of the artist and felicitated the embassy of Pakistan in Paris for holding this exhibition.

Mr. Fahim Hamid Ali emerged on the art scene about two decades ago when he started his first exhibitions.  Gradually, he expanded the horizons of his work concentrating on images from his culture and roots. He does not limit his expressions to calligraphy alone. He paints landscapes, still life and Mughal miniature. Despite working in various directions, the work remains that of Ali. His signature is obvious through his corded lines. He creates stain glass painting effects on canvas with his thick lines.

Soon Ali earned a name in stain glass painting. Ali remains busy painting, decorating homes and holding exhibitions around the world. His successful exhibition at the Lionel Gallery in June 1996 was talk of the town for some time. He met another success when he exhibited his figurative works and Islamic calligraphy in mixed media at Singapore in 1998.

In Canada, he held his first solo exhibition showcasing floral designs, landscapes and calligraphy in mixed media at a private residence in March 1999. Now Ali is a known name in the art circles of Toronto. He is specially asked by the art galleries there to lend his works for display and sales. The Pakistan Canada Association asks him to participate in its multicultural festivals.

Ali is a profound believer in communication. For the purpose, he has chosen an international language of form, colour and line. He generally works in mixed media on paper and canvas. He also is at ease with the wash painting technique where he works with liquid oil paints flowing like water. He seldom uses a brush; instead, he uses his finger to paint. He does not confine himself to a specific technique. He works with freedom of thought, and medium. That gives him an opportunity to also use defined strokes and accidental textures in his work. A play with colour makes the end result a visual pleasure.

In the last five years, Ali has been experimenting at various levels. He created pottery as a base for his script. His hand-painted pots made headlines in the country’s news. Then as an experiment he wrote Arabic in vertical lines. Throughout his career as an artist, he has been traveling around the world. Wild life is another filed where he excels. With love of nature, innate in character, he has a mastery over presentation of wild life in impressionistic technique. Over the years, Ali has also done thematic paintings. He has also painted on the French Revolution and Sultan, a historical hero of the sub-continent. The best thing about Ali’s work is that he is always experimenting with something new. Ali’s interior designing is unique, as he likes to create harmony through new ideas. He believes in breathing life into every comer of the house he is working on.

Large number of French art lovers, diplomats, intellectuals, public figures and journalists witnessed the exhibition and appreciated his work.

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