Message from Mr. Mamnoon Hussain President Islamic Republic of Pakistan
(On the occasion of Christmas-25th December, 2017)

PR No. 188

Islamabad: December 24, 2017

“On the joyous occasion of the birth of Jesus Christ, I congratulate Christians all over the world particularly the Christian community in Pakistan from the core of my heart.

The birthday of Jesus Christ is a day to reiterate universal teachings of patience, tolerance, kindness and goodwill not only for the Christian community but for the whole mankind. Peace and happiness can be brought back to the world engaged in conflict of interests and wars by adopting these virtues. The lesson that we learn from the teachings of the Jesus Christ is that life and property of all people living on this planet should be given equal respect and protection without discriminating on the basis of color, cast, region and belief. Human beings should not be made fuel for fighting wars for materialistic interests but instead the valuable resources should be spent on the welfare and development of humanity. This is the best way to commemorate Jesus Christ.

The services rendered by the Christian community of Pakistan for progress and stability of the country particularly in the fields of medicine and education are greatly valued by the people and Government of Pakistan. The Constitution of Pakistan guarantees equal rights for all minority communities including our Christian brethren and the Government of Pakistan is fulfilling its constitutional and moral responsibilities in this regard.

I once again felicitate the Christian community all over the world and in Pakistan on the birthday of Jesus Christ.”



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