Embassy of Pakistan
Press Release

Euro currency added to Roshan Digital Account

Paris; September 4, 2020

The State Bank of Pakistan has allowed overseas Pakistanis to open Roshan Digital Account in Euro currency as well.

At the launching ceremony of Roshan Digital Account held at the Embassy of Pakistan Paris, on 18th August 2020, members of the Pakistani community in France asked for the facility in Euro also, in addition to Pak Rupee and US Dollar. This request was conveyed to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to which SBP has consented.

Overseas Pakistanis can use the following links to learn more about opening Roshan Digital Account at various Pakistani banks:

HBL https://www.hbl.com/hblhumwatanaccountdigital

MCB https://mopss.mcb.com.pk, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA70mDSi0pE

UBL https://ubldigital.com/NRP-Services/Digital-OPS-Account-Opening

Meezan https://digitalservices.meezanbank.com/OAOF/

SAMBA https://www.samba.com.pk/samba/resources/digital-account-opening-application-overseas-pakistanis

Faysal Bank https://digionboard.faysalbank.com/

Bank Alfalah https://ips.bankalfalah.com/ops/