Embassy of Pakistan, Paris has the arrangement for issuing visa and Emergency Travel Document to Pakistani citizens if they need these during the weekends in case of extreme urgency. These services are provided for genuine emergency cases only.

Please call the following phone number on weekends for Emergency Consular Services:

TEL: Adeel Mumtaz Khokhar (Head of Consular section)

Applicants may be required to provide the proof of emergency.

Emergency Travel Document (ETD)

is issued to the Pakistani nationals for travelling back to Pakistan only in extreme emergency cases when their Pakistani Passport is not available OR they are not eligible for issuance of a new passport / renewal of passport.
The applicant has to submit the proof of genuine emergency for issuance of Emergency Travel Document.
Click the following links for information on Emergency Travel Document

  • Requirements for Issuance of Emergency Travel Document
  • Emergency Travel Document application process
  • Emergency Travel Document Fee

Requirements for Emergency Travel Document Application

  • Proof of emergency (for example serious illness or death of immediate family member)
  • Duly filled and signed application form
  • Two recent passport size photographs with white background
  • Original Expired Pakistani Passport/CNIC/NICOP with its photocopy
  • In case Pakistani passport is lost, Police Lost Report is mandatory
  • Air ticket booking with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)

In case applicant is under 18 years old, both parents need to accompany the applicant along with their original identity documents and detailed birth certificate of the minor applicant

Emergency Travel Document Application process

  • No appointment is required for Emergency Travel Document application. You can visit the Consular Section on any working day during Consular Services working hours. You might like to check How to reach us and list of holidays sections before planning your journey .
  • On your arrival obtain a Attestation Desk token and contact the focal window staff for form filling and documents to be attached guidelines.
  • Wait for your turn in the waiting area
  • Go to the counter on your turn, serving official will examine your documents and once satisfied will issue you a Challan receipt for payment of required fee
  • Pay the fee at Cash Counter and obtain a payment receipt.
  • The serving official will receive your documents and will give you the time for collection of Emergency Travel Document.
  • Collect your travel document on given time from the Consular Section
  • Carefully check your particulars on the travel document before you leave the Consular Section Premises.