PLEASE NOTE : All Visa applications are being processed online Only at the following web address:

The Embassy of Pakistan, Paris does not have any COLLABORATION with any website / visa agency.

Beware that the Government of Pakistan / Embassy of Pakistan, Paris does not take responsibility of any payment made to such service providers / agencies.


Discontinuation of Issuance of Manual Visas

The Government of Pakistan has stopped issuance of manual Visas w.e.f 1st January 2021. All Visa applications now will be processed online at the following web address:

Manual Visa applications will no longer be entertained at the Embassy of Pakistan from 1st February 2021.


Applicants are requested to apply for Pakistan Visa ONLY through the following website Please note that there is no official website other than the mentioned above.

Government of Pakistan does not take responsibility of any misuse of provided data or any loss of payment made on any other website for Pakistani Visa.

Visa Instructions for all categories

Business Visa

Tourist Visa

Family Visa (French Nationals of Pakistan Origin)

Any applicant may be asked to appear before Head of Consular Section for interview. Moreover, justification of domicile and copy of resident card in France will be required. The families of French officials working in Pakistan will require official invitation letter, along with the photocopy of passport, copy of resident card and bank statement.

NGO'S Visa

Journalist visa

Journalist Visa is issued for different Cities in Pakistan after authorization from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. For more information please contact the Consular of the Embassy during working hours.

Sikh Pilgrims Visa

Sikh citizens of foreign countries can apply for Pilgrims visa. Details are as under:-

Visa for Afghan nationals and refugees

Work visa

Work visa is granted to professionals in the different fields after clearance by relevant authorities in Pakistan.

Courier Services

Apart from the walk-in Applicants the Embassy accepts Visa applications through Courier Companies as well. Applications for Visa may be completed (after carefully reading the requirements on Embassy’s Website) and sent through one of the following Courier Services.      

Allo Visa- VSI
02 Place des hauts Tillier 92230 Gennevilliers
Tel: 0180035122

Legal Office
78 av des champs elysees, 75008 Paris                                               Tel: 0142563232

123 Visas
317-325 rue de la Garenne 92000 Nanterre
Tel: 0149070569

Visa en Line
4 Rue Villebois-Mareuil, 75017 Paris
Tel: 0173039803

Jet Diffusion Visa France
10 rue Dautancourt, 75017 Paris
Tel: 0142660576

Visa 24
59 rue Ponthieu, 75008 Paris 
Tel: 0153891015

27 Avenue de chanzy 93320 Les Pavillons sous Bois 
Tel: 0652840466

E-Visas Groupe Visa France
26 Rue Saint Charles, 75015 Paris 
Tel: 0142466899

Visa Chrono
3 rue Richard Lenoir, 75011 Paris 
Tel: 0140090004

Visa Fee (Euros)

Type of VisaNormal ProcessingUrgent (Same Day)
SingleDoubleSingle        Multiple
Family/Tourist/Visit32€48€  64€            128€ 

French Commercial Document’s Legalization

of French Ministry of Foreign Affairs